If the THUM is not recording readings, the graph is not updating, the THUM service will not start or stop, or you receive the frmMain --> InitialUpdateChart error.

Please check these items:

  1. When opening the THUM GUI, are you right clicking and selecting Run as Administrator?
    Do to the new security features of Win7 and newer, if UAC is enabled this step is needed even if you are logged into the system as an administrator.

    Try turning off UAC.  http://practicaldesign.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/197172

  2. Has the location of the database been changed from the defaults?
    Default is the application path, which is normally c:\program files\thum\database
    If the path has changed to a network share, see this article.

  3. Does the system account and logged in user have write access to the THUM folders and subfolders?
    Default is the application install folder is c:\program files\thum or c:\program files(x86)\thum

  4. Is the THUM plugged into a USB 3.0 port? We have seen a handful of instances where the THUM can't be read on USB 3.0 ports. Moving the THUM to a USB 2.0 port, or updating the computer's USB hub drivers has fixed the issue.

  5. Is there an Antivirus program that could be blocking the communication between the thum.exe and thumsvc.exe programs?