Network share for database:
If you are running version 2.0.x then it is the version that runs as a service. You can not just copy the install directory to a network folder, the program files must be on the local hard drive. However you can change the database directory and html directory in the THUM options to use a UNC name to a network folder. By default the local system account runs the THUM service which does not have network access. You will need to start the THUM service with a user that is a local administrator and has access to the network share were the database will be located at.

Multiple devices can write to the same shared database. You will want each device to have an unique 'Monitor number' and 'Monitor name' in the THUM Options so that you can query each device's data in the database.

Go to Control Panel/Admin tools/Services/THUMsvc and double click to get to the properties. Click the Log On tab. By default it will say Local System account. The Local System account user can Not write to any network share. You will need to enter a username and password that is a local administrator on the computer with the THUM and also has write access to the network share you are trying to write to.

Then go to the THUM Options page and change the database location to a UNC of your network share.

Format should be   \\servername\sharename\foldername
Depending on how your share is setup the foldername could be optional
Do not use mapped drive letters, as they are unique to the user logged into the computer. Service accounts would be unaware of a mapped drive letter.